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Hello. I am trying to control a servo with vvvv and firmata but without success.
I am using arduino mega(firmata 2.0) and standart servo. I have attached a file to show what I tried.
Does anybody know how to make it?

ArduinoFirmata_test.v4p (14.2 kB)

More specific, what is not working? turning the servo the way you want it, turning the servo at all? Did the servo turn using Arduino code (without vvvv), can you communicate with the arduino? Can you make a LED blink? What pins did you use? You sure about the right COM port? Etc etc…

The patch you attached is the stripped helpfile for the Arduino node, so that is not fair.

Ok I figure the problem and now all works fine)))
Here the working patch and pde file if someone interested.
In my example there is two servos connected to pin 7 and 8 and led to 9.

serial_send.v4p (22.4 kB)
serial_to_led.rar (494 Bytes)