Vvvv and windows 10 - .net 4.6

I am having troubles since I upgraded to W10 as .net 4.5 is being replaced by .net 4.6 hence vvvv can’t detect that. windows tool for adding features also does not allow adding 4.5 anymore nor installing from web :(

any ideas for a fix?

did some cross reading thanks to your post: 4.6 looks really friendly to the quest for a crazy fast v50 and portable apps

to your present question: can you uninstall .net and reinstall 4.5?

in win8/8.1 you can (un)install .net 3.5 under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features\Turn Windows Fetures on or off

is there a similar menu on win10?

velcrome, sebl, I can “uninstall” from the windows features panel, however there is no 4.5 as an option and even uninstalled 4.6 it still wouldn’t install .net 4.5 - as supposedly it is part of my operating system or I have higher installed. w10 will be around in few months so hopefully this thread will avoid forthcoming problems :)

I’ll post if I come up with a solution.

i guess/hope it’s just a preview issue and in the final win10 there will be options in this menu comparable to the options we have now in win8…

just curious where/how you notice that. do you mean in the setup.exe? or does this actually prevent vvvv.exe from starting up?

because someone already claimed to have it running?! 0-renderer-0

joreg, just in the setup. vvvv is running nicely on w10, apart from few bugs with ‘media connect’ - laptop and projector setup.

ok, that sounds like a minor update necessary for the setup.exe then.

“media connect”-laptop? is that vvvv related?

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/12632 found solution here to ‘media connect’ problem