Vvvv and unity fullscreen incompatibility

hi all,
recently i’m trying to interface vvvv and unity.
The main reason i’m triyng to do that is to use complex mesh animations (for now collada plugin has the limit of 60bones and a verterx can only have 4 influences). And i achieved the needed result. i created an oscrouter in unity and now i can send data from vvvv and unity and viceversa. So i created a 3d scene in unity and i send from vvvv the contour tracking values for moveing in realtime the camera. All works fine. But now i need to have another fullscreen viewport for projecting a kind of spotlight following the user that interact. The problem is that unity allows only a render viewport, so i tried to use a fullscreen view of unity in the first display, and a fullscren window from vvvv in the second display. but when i go fullscreen with the vvvv window the viewport of unity becames completely black. Probably (i think) both softwares want to use the same resources. There is a trick for bypass the problem and use unity in fullscreen in a display and vvvv in fullscreen in another?
thx ;)

Hi Screamer

You could use window(Windows) to scale the window to fullscreen and then ctrl+8 to remove the border around the window. Then your window will be fullscreen without being fullscreen.


wow sunep, thx for the trick, i try it imediately, but i feel is the right way ;))

So, you have two monitors, right?
Do you have spanmode active? Try to switch to separate screens.
Or try device.node and/or hidden device setting at renderer node (by using inspector). Somehow you can set there which graphic card head shall be used.

Ive thought about unity as well. But hadnt time to look into it. How is it working with it? And how do you send data, by TCP? Sounds interesting.

hi frank,
yes i have two monitor (two projector really). One of these is project in front of the user (a 5x4meter projection) and is used by unity for the 3d scene. The other projector is on the ceiling and project to the floor only a kind of spotlight that is following the user. thx for your hints, i will try that to (anyway for now the sunep solution work :)

For the communication between vvvv and unity i tried with tcp in the beginning, but i had some problems, so now i use osc. I have a simple sender in vvvv and i created a simple oscrouter in unity that can send and receive osc. and all works fine, with no delay.

would you mind sharing the VVVV patch as well as the Unity3d Project???///

hi dawoof,
the project i’m working on becames vvvvery big. So i made a simple template, just for testing the communication between vvvv and unity. In the zip you will find a folder named vvvv that contains _root.4vp, this patch sends via osc the main coordinates of the camera (i’ve not tested to send spreads via bundels yet, but probably sould do).
the main scene of unity is in the assets\scenes folder.

in this scene there is the oscreceiver from vvvv and there is a sender too (not used for the moment, but probably still working).

let me know if it work for you.

ps. do you know unity well? because i’m a really newbie and often i encounter stupid obstacles (for example how to create something like a damper between 2 alpha values for a texture, related to a boolean value input…) (1.2 MB)

screamer, thanks alot for the template

im probably at your same level of skill at Unity, just got to it 2 months ago.
itd be nice to see the results of your experiments with unity , some screenshots :) !!

Thanks a lot for the example, about to get started trying some vvvv -> unity as well.