Vvvv and soundcard with 6 inputs

hi guys !
for an installation i’m using a single computer that is equipped with one soundcard which has 6 sound inputs. is it possible to get the data from the 6 different soundinputs via
6 audioin nodes?
thanks j.

if the 6 inputs show up in windows as three separate stereo input devices it should be no problem…

you´d probably would have to use three stereo audio in nodes, as the drivers probably wont give you individual mono sources. note that the RMS node will output 2 slices if the signal source is stereo. use cons to get a spread with all 6 slices

see sound and audio panel in the systems settings; and check if there are multiple recording devices.

hey devs, is it possible to get two seperate fft’s for each channel of the audioIn node?