VVVV and Oculus DK2 - tracking problem

So I’m trying to patch up a VVVV to Oculus DK2.
An obvious option is the VVVV.OpenVR, and while it works partially fine, there’s a problem with it. Image is rendered through Oculus, both positional and rotational tracking work fine, but as soon as I turn away from the sensor, the screen goes blank grey.
It seems like a SteamVR related problem, since it happens even if I’m using SteamVR home screen.

I’m using Oculus DK2 with one frontal sensor (which works fine on all the Oculus apps), I’ve tried different Oculus Runtimes from 0.4.4 to the current one. Unfortunately I’m also running Windows 10, so I can’t actually use runtimes below 0.7 - otherwise I’d try the Oculus Rift DK 2 pack.

I’m a bit out of ideas on how to make this work, and even though I think this is a Steam VR problem, maybe someone had this happen to them and they found a solution? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

i think this is normal, just a limitation of oculus. it doesn’t have room scale tracking. for that you need a htc vive…

You should use the DK2 pack, it would work better with your headset.
With this pack, when the sensor doesn’t find you, it keeps the last position known.

OpenVR has a different functioning: if the sensors can’t find your position (which is very rare with the HTC Vive, but very common with the dk2 sensor), everything goes grey (to avoid any motion-sickness due to a wrong positional tracking).

A solution could be to find how to change the grey screen behavior to simulate the DK2 behavior (if Tracking Info Missing -> Keep Last Known Position…)
But I have no idea if it’s somehow possible…

I tried using DK2 packs, but the latest confirmed version of Oculus Runtime was 0.6, while they introduced win10 support in 0.7. The oldest runtime you can get online is 0.8, which I couldn’t get to work with the pack (might be just me doing things wrong though).

I was thinking about ommiting the sensor check, but I think SteamVR is responsible for that, and I have no idea if it’s even possible to hack into that…

I’ll try using the DK2 pack again and I’ll post if it works or not. Thanks anyway!

So, the answer is - if you want to use VVVV and Oculus DK2 without SteamVR losing tracking if you turn around, the only option is to use:

  1. Windows 7 - the pack relies on older runtimes, which do not work on win 10
  2. DK2 VVVV pack
  3. Oculus Runtime 0.7 or below (tested with 0.6.1) - Runtimes older than 0.8 were removed from Oculus’ website, but you should be able to get them from this reddit thread

Then you need to change the settings within the Oculus’ config, so that the VVVV renders actually show up on the headset. I’m yet to set it up properly, but just now I managed to get the headset to display the render and work fine with the head rotational tracking.

So, that’s (kinda) solved! Thanks for the suggestions.

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