Vvvv and LED

Dear All,

I have a 3000 px by 640 px led screen,

how can i send the video from the computer to these screen do i need any special hardware? can anyone help me with the solution ?

thank you…

what input does that LEDscreen have?

do you have any technical specifications?

hi. usually led screens have their own controller, which has video/pc inputs and allows you to setup led screen settings (resolution, to choose parts of the screen, layout etc.)
if you have such controller, you only need to connect your pc to it and share multily monitor. same if you have direct dvi/vga/video inputs at your screen. if you have no one, you are unlucky.

since there are mass of led manufactures can not tell more details.

but mostly 3000x640 px led screens are very expensive and you should call some professional guys in the city, pay them and they solve your troubles)

thank you for replying,

the LED screen has an ethernet input, they usually use some chinese software that do the pixel mapping and then they have a pci card that tranform dvi signal to ethernet signal and send it to the screen,

the other alternative is that they might use hippotyser,

is there a solution using vvvv and then using an external hardware to replace the on board pci card ?

and concerning hippotyser i think it has a build in ethernet output using artnet to send directly to the screen.,

the panels are chinese…
the pci card has a resolution of 2048 x 640…

any suggestions ?

sorry never tried hippotyzer before. not sure if pci-ethernet adapters supports resolutions like 2048x640…

did you try to send artnet inside ?

if you had one of those cards you could sniff the protocol…

anyway you could simply try to send Artnet using the DMX (Network Artnet Sender)
notice that there are two configuration pins:
*SubnetID 0-15
*UniverseID 0-15
use Inspektor to set those.