Vvvv alpha in production use for event starting today - cross the fingers


today the first Windows Phone 8’s will be available to the public in Germany therefore flora&fauna visions and me developed a window projection with four beamers presenting the Windows 8 / Windows 8 mobile gui. The events starts today at 5 pm in Berlin at the “Apartment am Alexanderplatz, Memhardstraße 8 10178 Berlin”.

If you’r around that location, step by and say hello. Please cross the fingers, the whole thing is build on the latest alpha versions making heavy use of the html texture nodes (for flash and html usage). I experienced several instabilities while developing … but that was to expect when using an alpha build. … And again, please cross the fingers - there was no time for heavy testing ;)

Thanks for an incredible piece of software … haven’t used vvvv intensively the last two years and I’m impressed about all the improvements (especially for the ui) and features.

p.s.: promise at the @dev’s will try to make some simple example patches that reproduce all the little hiccups&errors I had (for example I still get the range check error evene from the (pre-)latest alphas a612225216).

/keeping fingers crossed/

all the best! ;)