Vvvv_45alpha31.6_x86 exception on startup win8.1

I was going to test the new dpi aware alpha but didn’t get very far… exception on vvvv launch.

Can press “Ok” or “Hide” to see the splashscreen again but seems to not get any further.

Windows 8.1, surface pro 2

Log attached:

(beta31.2 works fine)

exception log (30.1 kB)

what alpha version did you use exactly?

The latest from the alpha download page:

vvvv 45alpha31.6 - 47b1bd9e8f
29/01/2014 18:06


tried the previous one too with the same result:

vvvv 45alpha31.6 - c3e9cfd240
29/01/2014 02:14

Ok, I think the problem is having vvvv under my user directory which has “funny characters” like ‘ö’ in it which still seems to be a way to frequent cause of software errors…

Same alpha will run from C:\vvvv-test\vvvv_45alpha31.6_x86

strange. could also be related to restrictive file permissions. tried with a folder containing characters outside of ascii range on win8.1 and had no issues…