Vvvv_40beta23 - glovepie - wiimote - nunchuk crash

i am trying to make the wiimote (and nunchuk) works in vvvv40beta23

the thing is it is working natively in vvvv_45beta24.1

but if i try to make it work in 40b23

  • first : for the wiimote alone i need to run some script in glove pie accessing the wiimote accelerators , then it works

  • second : if i don t run glovepie and try to use the nunchuk , i got the infos from the nunchuk alone , but not the wiimote (if put the extension pin to 1)

  • third : if i put some script accessing the nunchuk and wiimote running in glove pie , vvvv crashes (if put the extention pin to 1)

  • forth : if i put only wiimote accelerators script in glovepie , and plug the nunchuk , put the extension pin to 1 (nunchuk) , i got the debug window in glovepie poping up , and vvvv doesn t crash , but i don t get the nunchuk info

i tried copying the nodes and/or dlls from vvvv_45beta24.1 and older versions , and everything zips i could find on the forum
but of course , it didnt work (it would be too easy)

does anyone have a solution (other than using vvvv_45beta24.1) ?