VST sampler doesn't work?

working VST:
Amplitube 2
GuitarRig 2
L2 (Waves)
working VSTi:
(left channel only in my pc but difinitely they output audios)

bugging VST:
Addictive Drums
Kontakt 2
Reaktor 5
(sampler modules are include in each vst, is it cause of bugging?)

thanks for devs!

thanks for sharing…

it would be cool to list all known working/nonworking plugins on the VST page. spot the tiny “edit” button in the headline graphic and edit - its a wiki!

i guess its more the number of outputs a vst has…

hmm… ok thank you for reply!

Reaktor opens on my computer, i think the problem is that there are 2 inputs and 8 outputs (as can be seen in the inspector). Try to attach the sourcebuffer to it, open its inspector and enable a total of 8 channels. Another problem is, that Reaktor wants to change its window size after a new Ensemble is loaded, that feature is (still?) not supported by vvvv. At the moment only up to 256 parameters are allowed, thats why you cannot see the 1000 parameters of Reaktor in the inspector.