Vst Plugin for Binaural Audio

I want to have spatial Audio for my VR Music Instrument for the VIVE.
So I am looking for a Binaural Rendering Vst Plugin that works in vvvv.
The free and quite famous AMBEO Orbit can’t be loaded in Vsthost :( and I don’t easily find another one. Any Ideas?
Or am I doing something wrong?
Thank you

for me ambeo orbit works.
check if you really loaded the 64 bit version of the VST plugin when using 64bit vvvv.
(install path for me is: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins )

yes, looks like you are trying to load a 32-bit plugin in 64-bit vvvv.

IRCAM Spat V3.
On the pricey side but the best i ever heard with an incredible algorithmic reverb

yes i tried to load the 32 bit version. now it works.
thank you!

… or it doesnt …
i can load the vst plugin, open it and almost can use it but when i tried to use it, at first it made the sound into a stop and goish sound like tak tak tak tak and it had some strange safe data in the inspektor as you can see in the pic (i dont know if its normal)

but now its even when i just connect the vsthosts output to audioout and start the audioengine, vvvv just crashes/closes.

Today I installed evereything on the Computer in my University and here everything works fine. Well, better than the other way round.

But wait a Minute! Can ambeo Orbit even receive midi data?? It can’t! :(

But! I can show the Plugins Parameters directly as Pins, lol, this is so cool! :)

from your screenshot it appears that you connected a huge spread of audio signals or control parameters to the VSTHost input. then the system creates a new plugin instance for each channel pair. and of course each plugin instance saves its data into the save data.

so delete this node and re-create it. to have a normal amount of channels and plugins.

watch this video to get a better understanding of how plugin spreading works:

also make sure you understand spreads in general:

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