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Hy community,

first, both thumbs up for the gamma release!
Since your announcement of an upcoming .exe export, i am thinking a lot about our actual situation of software development.

I am Paul, vvvv user for 6 years now, was hosting a workshop for spatial audio with vvvv at NODE17 and exhibited the spatial audio installation “Clink” at NODE15.

At the moment we are developing a software (VST PlugIn) to control various 3d audio rendering systems (e.g. Spatial Sound Wave, d&b, Ambisonics, MNTN) within a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface.

We were sure that it is just possible to build the VST with Juce (C++), but now, especially after we found this contribution ( https://github.com/obiwanjacobi/vst.net ), we are not quite sure, if it is not possible to work also with vvvv.
Our software has no audio signal processing, just osc communication with 3d audio renderers and different types of DAW`s.
It would be a massive + for us to realize it with vvvv (C#) because of many reasons.

Does anybody know, if there is a way to export a working VST “.dll” out of vvvv?

Thank you very much!

hei paul, good find!

at the moment this is not possible, but from how i understand this works, it could indeed be possible at some later point, when we provide .dll export. since it looks you’d only have to implement certain interfaces to create a valid vst plugin, which will be possible.

obviously this doesn’t help you know because if your next question is when this will be available, i’m afraid i can still only say that we’re working on it.

i am wondering though if you say that your application is not doing any audio-processing but only communicates via osc, why would it have to be a vst plugin at all? couldn’t it also just be a standalone app?

thank you, it is already good to hear, that it should be possible in the future.

For your question: parameter values of a VST can be recorded and edited inside any digital audio workstation. This is a big advantage…
There are also some other useful communication and sync features in the Steinberg library.

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