VScene: new 3D exchange format for vvvv and bounty for Importer/Exporters

I’m developing a vvvv and dx11 friendly 3D scene exchange format called VScene (.vscn, .cvscn) for easy, stable and controllable import/export in vvvv, something like collada on steroids, and i have a bounty for you at the end of this post ;).

Currently features are (in no specific order):

  • JSON format,
  • Object oriented and object hierarchy with multiple optional transforms per object,
  • Objects can be used as bones too,
  • Vertices can have any kind and amount of data,
  • Simple meshes have the same layout as in dx11 gpu memory,
  • Key-shapes/morph-targets whatever they’re called,
  • Subsets are saved in megamesh style (for optimizing draw calls),
  • Big chunks of data (like meshes, transform arrays, animations) are packed in base64 raw format and larger datasets are lzma compressable individually,
  • A single material can have multiple implementations (like currently i’ve developed an implementation for Emeshe but it’s possible to have, let’s say, Blender Internal, Cycles, Assimp, C4D etc materials with a specific JSON notation next to eachother),
  • Because of JSON custom “Aux Data” can be inserted anywhere on the same level as “Official” annotations are,
  • all sorts of clever jazz with animation too
  • More technical details coming soon

There’s a plan for Indexed meshes with per-face topology (NGons) (although i hate NGons)

So bounty part is:
anyone who writes a Blender Importer/Exporter first will get £100 (English Sterling Pounds)
anyone who implements Emeshe material parameters in Blender and also develops a JSON notation for Blender Internal and Cycles materials will get £50
anyone who writes a standalone converter first (not vvvv) between VScene and other more popular formats will also get £100
If anyone interested in further details PM me!

Here is the bounty management, anyone can chip in ;) :
My bounty goes for only open-source and freely distributable solutions

Good bounty hunting!

Disclaimer: I’m not collecting anyone’s bounty, payment is decentralized and should be arranged between the bounty supplier and the solution provider.

P.S.: if anyone feels like raising the bounty put it in the spreadsheet ;)

any news on this? Its def a great initiativ and help solve a lot of problems working with VVVV.

ive found a 3D scene format that might be interesting… Ive mentioned this in another post before, its the .babylon format created by/for babylonjs



This WebGL Lib has some very well working exporters for blender, 3dsmax and Unity.

The Unity Export feature is the most interesting to me, since Unity has a great editor in which you can easily create complex scenes - also with primativ objects. Its much faster and more intuitiv than working in a Full 3D Application. ( create meshes in blender/3dsmax -> create composition/scene/camera/lights/animation(?) -> export .babylon -> VVVV boom goes the dynamite )

Here is the documentation of its structure (json based):


would be interesting to have a similar export/import experience in VVVV.

Interested if this would be possible in any way…

thanks for the find, no recent news on this I’ve found that it would be too ambitious project for me for a thing which was already done. I don’t want to go fbx because fucking autodesk changes specs every year, only companies with import/export dedicated devs can keep up with it. I was looking at opengex but i need to develop an openddl parser first if i want to work with it. if babylon can do everything what opengex could then I’ll consider using that then.

alright i have couple of problems with it.
first human readable floats i have no idea who needs them just makes file size bigger. opengex uses hex representation and my proposal is base64 in json which is way much better for a 50 000+ vertex count mesh.
no shapekeys, blend targets whatever you call them.
i don’t need particle system in an exchange format
i don’t need physics in an exchange format
i absolutely don’t need lens flare description in an exchange format
but youknowwhat i will copy their blender exporter and modify it for vscene ;)

yea there are a few babylonjs specific features in this format, i know these wont apply but i like the idea.

I think filesize and missing blend targets would be my biggest issue.

Glad you found interesting/useful parts in this.