VR (OpenXR) in gamma 5.x

Hej guys,

I’ve been trying to use the fancy new OpenXR based VR in gamma 5.0, but encountered some problems along my way. First i tried to use it in 5.0, but it doesn’t seem to work at all in the stable release. (Quest 2 via AirLink on Windows 11 22H2 / i7 12700 / 3090 RTX) Can anybody confirm this?

In the latest nightly (5.1-50) it is working, but turning VR on and off via the Enabled pin on the DefaultVRSettings node doesn’t work as it did in the 2021.4.x releases. Would be great to get some info regarding this. Am I doing it wrong or is it currently broken?


regarding VR not working in stable 5.0: confirmed - see here. but it’s working again in latest previews.

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Yeah, it does work with 5.1-50 (and also 5.1-52) like i wrote above, but still seems that turning it off and on does not. (It throws some exceptions and only starts working again after a gentle F9 pressing)

thanks for the report, please test again with the latest 5.1 preview.


working as expected now. thanks for the swift action!

VR rendering works for me in 5.3-43, but I can’t get the controller data, which works immediately in 4.8

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