Voronoi + Line, How to binsize?

Hi guys,

i´m trying to draw some voronoi stuff using lines in EX9, but i don´t know how to calculate the line´s binsize, to have the same look than the Voronoi help file, drawn in GDI Renderer.

Any idea would be very appreciated.

btw it would be great to have a way to draw lines in EX9 as easy as in GDI.


now i can draw the voronoi diagram in the renderer ex9,
Spread->voronoi->points2vectors (2d)->transform (2d)->line EX9 (Single input pin OFF)

but i didn´t say that i want to export it in .svg format with the dottore´s polyline exporter, and i would like to draw the lines in some way understandable for it…
i´ve tried also to use the same transform (2d) with this node, using only a line as input, but it looks very different in illustrator.

Any tip?


the patch… no text …

Voronoi to svg.rar (13.5 kB)

Finally i´ve decided to make a new line (SVG) exporter to draw lines pairs of points (X1, Y1, X2, Y2).

it works for me.

Line (SVG).zip (4.5 kB)

Do you maybe know how to use Voronoi(2D) with Polyline(SVG)? I am a bit lost with how to convert Edges to Vertices.

hei gfk, please have a look at the new voronoi-with-winged-edge-information contribution. it should be much more versatile to use. then start a new thread if you still have a question.