Voodoo tracking + vvvv _ problems setting up image tracking

Hi guys, in file you can find 100 png pictures that i want to try with free cam mode in voodoo camera tracker

can you help me out with settings? I want to learn this stuff :)
I tried a lot of messing around with options with manual but I cant seem to get it right
based on this:

I tried to manually set Focal Length, but i havent been able to find other parameters because i use HTC one x for video, just a few bits from exif of photos

voodoo_material.rar (43.2 MB)

guys can you please at least point me to someone who can i ask for help, or source of information? (good youtube tutorial etc.)

I was at the workshop when I was @node13, when I got time later tonight, I will dive into the Buffer folder I mirrored, there should be some files.

But what exactly is not working for you? You know you can add and remove points?

camera is total mess when i look at it in vvvv, sample footage that uses just rotation of camera is allright, but mine own images in freecam doesnt work, i try to record today something with 5d and analyze that