VObjects install through VPM?

Hi, Vvvvers.

I was install VObjects through vpm but same node turn red!!!

anyone know how to solve this??


VObject girlpower is obsolete for a while now, sorry about that I will remove it soon. PrimitiveObjects have been replaced with Messages by Velcrome. You might see how it works with the websocket examples.


OK, I will try it ,



Found the same problem in IronHydra’s girlpower

note IronHydra is 100% experimental proof-of-concept thing. I don’t even remember when I’ve updated it last time. it has been demoed with PrimitiveObjects but any .NET object is applicable as it’s IronPython.

yeah, I understand this. wrote this just for information

I suppose in purpose of learning and understanding one can download older files from VObjects’ “v1” branch. Then he can check the girlpower patches with older nodes from that branch and see what they did earlier. And then he can swap to messages by Velcrome. Moreover it can be a solution to those who wants to learn Emeshe and other stuff without pain and cry.

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