VLC plugin problem

Hello to everyone! :)

I have a problem with switching patches containing the vlc-plugin.
After several patch switches (more or less after 20) with createnode, the vlc-plugin doesn’t playback the files anymore and after a short time vvvv crashes… the videoloops aren’t very huge. The average file size is about 100MByte and compressed with picvideo4.

Has anybody the same issues?

Does anybody knows perhaps a workaround for this? I tried with delaying the file-input pin, the play, the loop bin, but with no positive results.


I can’t use the filestream node, because it doesn’t support multiple screens.

sry to hear that, but you have.
there is no other working way…

might some tricks can do the job, say if you won’t recreate vlc every time…

Do you know perhaps if the next version of vvvv
will have a new videoplayer with multiple screen support?

can you not switch the input files and not switch out the vlc plugin? keep it in a separate subpatch and only use it when its needed?

Good idea catweasel! I have to try it…

Unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem, putting the VLC plugin outside of the createnode, so that it remains always there. Sometimes it plays back clips, sometimes not.

I saw that when the VLC plugin stops playing clips and I disconnect the filename pin, clear the filename string manually (I tried switching with an empty string on change and it didn’t work) and reconnect the filename string then it works again.

Anyone an idea to solve that?

often such bugs hard to reproduce, if you can cut off the part that behaves like this all the time, then it possible to take a look.

I think it could have to do something with cache or memory buffer clearing, because I saw when the VLC node stucks, an image of the old videoclip remains in memory…

But I’m not an expert, it’s just an opinion.

hehe… i think, actually, it means that the file did’t open and shader just throws out last image… for that case it’s normal.

but i suspect your problem can be solved only using filestreams, since vlc plug is really pre-beta-demo, and i haven’t seen any updates for it for some time, so it would be quite silly relay on that plug… think the problem with reset pin is more like the problem with reset plug…

I know it’s really silly, but til now I didn’t find any solution for my problem and the VLC node would solve it if there wouldn’t be these strange random stuck behaviour. I would need it for my disseration. With filestream I can’t use two screens and I’m searching since a while a way of doing it. I tried to double filestream to have one for the first screen and one for the second screen, but there was a huge loss of performance, because i had to double all the following shader fx. I also installed WINDOWS XP 64-BIT for trying the span mode, but it never works on my graphic card(s). Another great disadvantage is that in span mode you can’t use SLI mode. I even tried it with Flash, but if I use two instances of it, one of the two goes very slow… I saw if I put a small audio layer over the flash video clip then the difference between the the flash instances is minor.

Has nobody found a way of switching videoloops on two screens without problems?

hmm what kind of videocard that have SLI and don’t support span mode you have?
SLI mode is special feature, don’t really think it’s doing at list something with vvvv… I suspect it’s not that bad, but i would’t relay on it… Nice SLI explanation

Answer remains the same Filestream + span mode or matrox 2go will do the job

I don’t know why. I have two Geforce 460 GTX cards connected in SLI mode. I tried in Windows XP 64-Bit the span mode which deactivates the second graphic card in SLI mode and if i put the second renderer to the other screen it does really weird things. It shows me a flickering renderer with strange squares and lines on the second (expanded) monitor and the fps goes really down… I’ve had updated the graphic card drivers.

Does anyone know if vux’s videoplayer will be released?

Don’t know about Vux’s player.

But I think I solved another deadlock situation about a month ago, that could still happen in the version that I posted in Contributions. I guess your problem is probably caused by that deadlock. It sucks if something ‘almost works, but not quite’, I know :)

The reason I didn’t release a new version of the Vlc node yet, is because

  • I don’t have a lot of time right now and
  • there are some things I wanted to fix in the new release that I didn’t get round to yet.

Some of these things might require changes/additions to LibVLC, which is possible, because it’s open-source. But before I can add something useful to it, I need to learn how to compile the thing, get to know the code-base etc.

Hey ft! I’m glad for your response :)

At least there’s a little hope that one day we could have a working videoplayer for more than one screen. I think that such a node could open a lot of new possibilities in creating interesting graphics in vvvv. Unfortunately I don’t understand the c language, else I would have given a look inside the code and give you some help in finding the deadlock.

Have a nice evening!

@ft: mmm might you can post fix for that deadlock… on mine checks plug opened first 5 files and then dead all the time…even don’t really remember already

@cybear: try old good 32-bit XP, 64 is really glitchy and it discontinued, behavior sounds like driver problems. i’m usin spans a lot on gigs, and on XP32 don’t have any problems. my cards are 9600’s, 9800’s & 285’s. SLI works but only with 1 monitor all the time (major problem that stops me from using it). In emergency case there is also some more cheaper solutions that can replace TH2Go

@antokhio: But with 32-Bit Windows you have a maximum of 3GByte RAM visible. Have you ever tried TH2Go or something similiar with vvvv? Do it work? Do they support SLI-mode? How’s the performance?

hello cybear , yes TH2Go works fine with vvv it eats some cpu thouhg only tried in xp 32 , you basicly need to change your patches to it i know it is a little pain and if you used homographies etc even more . , got working span in xp 64 in diferente computers, ,

@ft thanks for the plug , i found it great , i played some streaming with puig with it and some other things , it has great potential some bugs to be sorted ,but i encourage you to keep going ;D

cu ;D