VLC Plugin doesn't work

Hey everybody,

i have a problem with the vlc plugin. Even though i did install everything exactly like in the description for the vlc beta27 plugin, when i open it with vvvv beta 27 or higher (even the x64 version), vvvv will shut down directly after the start. only with the beta 29 x86 i was able to open vlc0.5test beta 27.1

but the tty renderer shows the error messages u can see in the photo:


i use a xp 64 bit system with a gtx 680 ti.
ffd show and accusoft picvideo codec are installed besides the latest direct x.

does anybody has an idea why the vlc node is red and i am not able to use it ?

cant wait for your help



As we figured out via skype:

It seems like the ‘old’ vlc node isn’t working anymore. In the newest version of vvvv (29.0) there is a node called filestream(EX9.Texture VLC) (you have to have the addonpack installed for this to work).
This should do the job.

make sure to have the 32bit version, because with the 64bit version any vlc plugin won’t work at this point.

You may try Appgeeker.It doesn’t require any codecs to be installed on your machine because they are already built in.