Vlc plugin and multiple streams


I’m struggling to get live feed from ip cams trough Vlc plugin.
I managed to get single stream, by simply feeding the ipcam address to vlc plugin’s input.

  • Is there a way to receive multiple inputs in vlc plugin, in these case ipcam address?

  • How do i stream in vlc player and receive input in vvvv ?


Hey Ivan,

I’ve not used it yet, but you might also consider having a look at vvvv Alpha 28.2. It has a much better support for web via Chromium. You can read about it here htmltexture-(ex9.texture)

I will give it a try and let you know, thanks Ever !

If I understand you well, you should simply be able to connect an IObox (Text) with 2 or more slices (each with 1 ip-cam address) to the Filename input pin, and the output should be a spread of 2 or more textures.

@ft: yes ! i realized that, sorry for n00bing and thanks :)

@everyoneishappy: yes html texture is great and that is what i was looking for, but after a while when i switch ip inputs, textures overlap :( and it takes time to change from one to another, any idea why ?

you guys are great :)