VLC node and multi head(aches)

the new awesome VLC native node in alpha suffers of the same problem as the Videotexture node, I can t have it working on 2 heads at the same time.
You can have 2 different renderers on 2 different heads with the same texture but you can t span a texture over the 2 heads.
My setup is ATI6970 and 2 Matrox over 2 heads

just to be clear: in /dx9ex mode Videotexture is supposed to work on multiple heads (of one graphic card)

Ok got it, too bad i am using in the same patch the Decklink plugin, which doesn t work atm with /dx9ex

(the old VLC plugin will do as good)

Strange, I would think that it should still work on multiple heads even without /dx9ex, as I didn’t change that behaviour.

I should take a closer look be able to tell you more…

The same here.
and obviuosly in alpha x64…
@ft: it would be possible a x64 version???


in b28.1
lastest vlc plugin
VLC media player 2.0.4 Twoflower

it’s working as expected, without /dx9ex, in dual view, multiple heads and also across multiple cards.

The right .dll to use is the 0.5EX9.TextureVlc.dll?
or Vlc0_5.dll?

@robe: So you are saying it does work for you? Apparently you are still using the plugin from contributions, but there is a ‘Filestream (VLC)’ node in the addonpack for the alpha builds now. What does that one do?

EDIT: I think you meant, it DOESN’T WORK, but the old plugin with beta28.1 works as expected?

x64 version: might be possible, at the moment I don’t know what I should do t make that happen. Is there a x64 version of vvvv yet? If so, I didn’t even know about that.

@joreg: is it possible that not every device ‘asks’ for a texture anymore?

@ft: here they are: daily/core64/?C=M;O=D

@ft: you should follow the devvvv blog, see: vvvv-64bit
also i sent you an email regarding renaming FileStream (VLC) to FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC) to be more coherent. just let me know, i’d do it.

not sure what you mean. are you asking if this is the case? if there is a change? or are you asking if there is a possibility to make it so that not every device asks for a texture?

the answer is: no, of course still every device needs a texture. but with /dx9ex you can share textures between devices. that means you still have to handle that in your code but you can save some memory.

Hello Joreg,

sorry for the late reply. Been too busy with other stuff lately.

I have never seen your email about renaming the plugin (checked the span also), but go ahead.

And i was indeed asking if that was the case, if there has been a change, because I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. For every device that asks for a texture, I create a new one.

To io & robe,

With all of the 64-bit stuff, could you describe again exactly what the problem is? I mean, what works and what doesn’t work exactly in which version of vvvv? Could you create a simple example patch that shows what you want to do, and tell me in which verion it works and in which version it doesn’t?

(Also I don’t have a 64bit OS on my laptop yet, so I’d need to get my hands on one).


28.1 with VLC plugin: no problems at all

28.4 with native VLC node, it needs the /dx9ex argument

so basically i have no issue with VLC, my issue is that I was using another plugin (iDecklink) which does not work with /dx9ex, switching back to the VLC plugin was enough for me

@ft: renamed it is.
the device problem probably needs a debugging session…not time though atm…

robe, io,

I am sorry but I still don’t understand what the problem is.

Could you explain again, with every stupid little detail that matters? And send a simple example patch?

  • Is it a problem when having the same output on screen and projector (called ‘Duplicate’)?
  • Or do you use ‘Extended desktop’? (=2 devices so it will only work with multiple renderers)
  • Or do you have problems when using eyefinity?
  • Is it a problem when going fullscreen only?

I have tested most of these (Win7 32bit), and so far I haven’t seen any difference between b28.1 and the latest alpha 28.6 from git.

Sorry ft, no time to try it these days.
I will do extensive test in january and let you know.

For now I can say you that:

lastest vlc plugin (contribution using 0.5EX9.TextureVlc.dll)
VLC media player 2.0.4 Twoflower
no /dx9ex


Works OK, but I’ve to move the 1st render on the monitor 2 and the back to see the image.

the same in alpha28.6 with Filestream (VLC Texture)

I cannot find any Filestream (VLC) in the alpha28.6 64bit…

test.zip (499.7 kB)