VLC: 2fps on PC, 60fps on laptop ?!

hi guys,

did a spreaded vlc videoplayer with interface.
performance behaviour is quite strange:

CPU i5-3320M, 4GB RAM, SSD: 60fps (30% CPU usage)
CPU Q6600, 4GB RAM, SSD: 2fps (25% CPU usage!!)

with identical videos.
on both machines:

VLC 2.5.1
VVVV 45beta33.1 x86
Win7 x64

same problem when I play the files from HDD.
have also checked SSD and HDD performance, looks normal.

any clues?

is playback in normal vlc for windows same?

yes, can smoothly watch the same videos with 4 vlcs open @ ~40% cpu

try render tty might that give u some clue…
also if u use dx9 vlc that might be issue, try dx11 vlc