VL ->XML (XElement and XAttributes)

Everything was going perfect till the point I took the decision to put attributes in my XElements(Join). Is there any chance or any trick for XElement and XAttribute nodes to be linked in VL ? Or they do not behave as they do in v4 ? Is this a bug ?

Your Xattribute need to be in a sequence.to connect to the XElements(Join). Try either connecting it to a cons first or a repeat node with a single repeat. You could even connect it to a "ToSpread’ node and that should do the job.

I am having trouble with XAttribute as well, or more precise with XAttributeByName, which only ever outputs null.

see attached patch demonstrating the use of the threads topic, which also includes a hacky workaround.
vl.zip (10.9 KB)

@velcrome you missed a “for each” I think

I was right in the half part (you were missing a for each loop) - so ignore my previous post and check this one (working for me)vl_01.zip (12.5 KB)

and latest x86 alpha has the XAttributeByName fixed which indeed had a bugger. thanks for that pointer!

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@joreg I see you mean by using the specific node “XAttributeByName”, I noticed that too, it was resulting nulls indeed but I thought that @velcrome was in need of a workaround for it :P

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