ahso, alpha :)

There’s finally a new vvvv alpha up (showing as 588d320750) containing an up-to-date VL version (2019.1.0-0411) which seems to work again!


Thank you so much, it looks pretty good mostly the clever keyframe function.


Wow, looks great, well done!

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just pulled latest master branch and installed the latest alpha

got this error

quick link removal was easy enough, now that I got that little bug out of the way I’ll be merry to look deeper into your work, thanks for sharing

Weird that was my last commit … dunno why the pins aren’t available on update Dragging. Maybe I didn’t push everything, have to check tmrw

it’s awesome


Hi @eno, this looks super useful and powerful, although still a bit rough around the edges when it comes to the UI interactions but definitely on track (mainly missing vertical zooming and scrolling).

Would love to try it out in a project and get a bit deeper into it. But I am running into some issues with the latest alphas - complaints about Xenko.Core.Mathematics.Color4 serialization and the Skia Timeline window eventually becoming a red cross (broader Skia related issue I’m having with the latest vvvv versions). Not a showstopper but maybe I would like to know which vvvv version you’re developing against and stick with that until updates.

On another note Audio clips didn’t play for me with the VAudio based Audio (Tilda) node. Seems to be a Slash direction mismatch, Tilda stores the path with forward slashes but the VAudio FileStream expects backslashes. Sticking a Replace for the filename in the PlaystateDependentPlayer fixes it. I’m surprised you didn’t come across this.

It’s not been migrated to Xenko Math yet.

That’s quite easy, tell me if you need any help…

In our last project we messed around in the main branch and put in a dirty hotfix to store paths with forward slashes in the variable field, because otherwise redis wouldn’t synchronize them properly. So surprise: we are well aware that this breaks things, but you are obviously smart enough to work around that yourself. We’ll clean that up soon and then also make this a proper contribution with a stable master branch.

Hi @domj it seems like the error you are getting is not neccessarily related to the latest alphas after all. I am currently looking into it, but Tilda seems to work just fine despite it. Can you tell me more about that ‘red cross’ you are experiencing? I cannot seem to reproduce that error.
Anyhow, the latest Tilda version now also includes vertical scrolling (just use the right mouse button) and zooming (Shift + mouse wheel). Please let me know if it works for you or if you experience any issues.


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Hi Tildanians, is there any way to sync the playback on several instances? In the Sync Redis example i’m able to edit the timeliner simultaneously on several instances, but somehow Playback and Start position are not linked between instances. should they be linked?
Maybe i’m missing something

That’s a different Node, labeled SyncTC or something - which uses a simple UDP Broadcast for the Playstate and TC Position if set by the editor. You can enable Send/Receive to your liking.
It’s not frameprecise though, all instances will just start playing on their own.

Do you mean TildaSender and TildaReceiver?

@lasal no, I think those are actually obsolete (oops). What he means is “Sync (Tilda)”, that can be plugged in as a plugin into the Tilda renderer. See what I mean?

actually, what you’re looking for is ‘SyncTCOnUserInteraction’
(thanks readme)

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on booth instances connected to the plugin in, one sends and the second receives, nothing happens :(

Ok, now! i think i was using the same port to send other value.

Btw, the listen instances don’t follow the master when the TC is set externally.