VL ticks

I am watching this video again: https://vimeo.com/197956686 and notice at the end when comparing ticks between vvvv and VL that when the vvvv subpatch is not connected to point, then the vvvv subpatch have no ticks, whereas the VL patch have ticks even when not connected to point.

is that currently the case with VL, that it consumes resources, even when not connected downstream.

will it be fixed?


This seems a case of one-size-fits-all.

I’ve suggested it before, and I will beg here again:

Please add a way to add Attributes to pads, methods and classes. I picture little flags here, which one can “open” to specify details…

This will would enable sensible serializing of custom vl classes, make vvvv pin customisation with defaults and ranges a breeze, and allow proper Obselete markings, among other useful things.

@sunep The VL hosting layer turns auto evaluation on for stateful VL patches and off for stateless. You should see the difference when comparing the two template nodes. As velcrome points out using a system where the node library designer can mark those which need auto evaluation the heuristic whether or not it should be enabled by default on a user patched node could be far better.

@velcrome Building attributes into VL is a nice idea certainly worth thinking about!

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