VL.ThePatchersGuide (Beginner Tutorial)

End of October '22 a friend asked me if I could make a collection of nodes for him that he should definitely know when learning Gamma. So during Nodevember I sat down going through every single node in the node browser to do so. The outcome now is a tutorial series of 37 patches and topics for beginners, covering everything from A to VL and Vector4 (Split).

nuget install VL.ThePatchersGuide

Some dogmas I had during the creation:

  • All nodes are only from the standard set in the node browser.
  • 2D and 3D drawing is treated and taught completely equally, all principles are presented for Skia and Stride.
  • No node is ever used that is not explained in the current video or hasn’t been in one of the previous ones.
  • Focus on clear principles and try not to go extremely complex.

Have fun exploring and bussi baba!


cool Thanks. I’ll would happily recommand those patches to my students.

Me too! wishing to see them.

The tutorials are up and can be installed as a Nuget!

nuget install VL.ThePatchersGuide

Have fun and let me know if there are questions or issues!


@chk just went through these, They’re brilliant.

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Just pushed the NuGet with a new name - I was not happy with the old title, but now I am!

nuget install VL.ThePatchersGuide

I guess I have to make sure at some point that it has 42 chapters…


Cool nuget, aswome contrib! thx!

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