Set of nodes to create (and render) extruded 3d text in VL.Stride.
It’s heavily inspired by @vux beta/dx11 (3d)Text nodes.

The nodes make use of Extruder.cs, ExtrudingSink.cs and OutlineRenderer.cs that come with dx11-vvvv. I only made some minor changes. His code is licensed under BSD 3, refer to for details.

The library itself is released under MIT license.

To use latest version, install via nuget

nuget install VL.Stride.Text3d

Known issues

  • Help patch is rather barebones.

  • The texture coordinates are just dummies.
    edit: added planar UVs

  • Not sure about:

    • Position
    • Fonsize / size correlation
  • When creating more than one model at once, something seems to go wrong with the normals.
    This can be worked arround by “reconnecting” the Entity (see the explanation patch) or creating the models sequentially. I guess this is somehow related to the Generate[PrimitiveProceduralModelBase] method, since it doesn’t happen at all when creating a mesh from a vertexbuffer (as done in the now marked as obsolete Text3dMesh (Async) ).
    edit: seems to be fixed now

  • I am not really happy how FontAndParagraph and recreating the model on changes is set up now. But my brain is somewhat foggy due to covid, so at least for now it is what is.


Thanks, and get well soon!