VL.Stride: GetMeshes node crashes vvvv (gamma 2021.3.2)

Hello, recently I used FileModel node.
I loaded a (proper) FBX model consisted by 10 meshes, as soon as I disable the “Merge Meshes” option and hover the output pin vvvv crashes. Same behavior with GetMeshes and probably with any node which is getting a spread of Meshes and trying to preview them.

maybe a duplicate:

yes, this is a known bug, since we don’t use material slots or anything like that yet. it is still on our list. maybe we should remove the pin in the meantime.

that would be nice, one more thing I noticed I dont have to hover the specific pin or at least this is my impression but this concerns the node itself. I mean even if I just hover over the node itself gamma is crashing, the reason may remain the same for this behavior but just to know that his occurs not specifically on the pins’ hovering.

the pin will be gone in the upcoming preview.

Sorry for coming back again, but by removing the pin it means that there will not be an option to load a model with loose parts (multiple meshes) right ? Which is quite useful I would say.

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