I’ve been messing with the statemachine here, which is useful, but I’d really like to be able to be able to define a ToNext and ToPrevious, so that during debugging you could go back a state (and also have a 1 GO button for simple uses) I get that you can have more than 1 next or previous via other links, it more that if you have a link set to ToNext (and a link to from that to its next state) it shouldn’t action both ToNexts, but step 1 forward, and wait till the next ToNext…
Is there anyway of doing that?
My current usage is more theater cue list when you have a defined set of scenes that follow each other ( in my case also with some branching alternatives, where ToNext wouldn’t be defined, but ToPrevious would) But previously I have found it frustrating when trying to tweak transitions, when I have to go back to the init to get back to where I am working everytime.

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I’ve run into the StateMachine problem a couple of times in Gamma. I find the suggested option at the link interesting, but could never figure out how it works. It feels too complex to configure.

My suggestion is to use Nuget

You can look at a rather old implementation based on QFSM files. But I have also used the same Nuget in its pure form.

VL_state_machine.zip (21.7 KB)


There is also VL.AutomataUI.

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