bon matin everyone!

as quickly shown during yesterday’s meetup, this is VL.Spotify, a (small) set of nodes that allow you to interact with Spotify’s web API.

for now, it allows you to :

  • Login to your Spotify app
  • Control your playback (play, pause, next, previous, volume)
  • Retrieve all informations about the current track

sadly, the API does not have real-time capabilities, and thus does not have notifications when a track starts/ends. this has been requested many (many many) times on the internets but apparently Spotify does not plan to make it available.

it comes with a patch tutorial that explains how to create a Spotify application and retrieve your key/secrets and derive a token from those, a pair of HowTo’s and a little demo app of a cute minimal controller :


in the end, this nuget just wraps JohnnyCrazy’s Spotify .NET lib, so massive thanks to him for creating such a well documented lib.

as always please shout for suggestions, bug reports or anything else!