VL - sphere-physics patch

Hi patchers, i want to share you some stuff

this is vvvv + vl patch. All calculations do in vl. More info in the patch, yo

spheres physics v2.zip (11.0 kB)

hi honix, very cool patch. from looking at it, there is not much to complain.

only that the particle patch got quite big and you could think about some refactoring. especially the part on top with all the vector split and > < OR logic part could be packed away into a utility patch. or you could create another method in the particle patch which takes care of the collision with the world and call that right before update.

The good thing about creating an utility patch or another method for the particle is that it makes the patch more understandable, it gives this part of the patch a new name which describes what it does. for example CollideWithWorld would give someone who reads the patch the hint that this does the collision with floor and walls…

also have a look at the naming conventions:

you tend to use lower case letters with camel case but we suggest uppercase with spaces for pins and pads…

Thanks for big answer, tonfilm! I will update file in the post. There is clean-up version with correct names and layers…