VL.Skia [Graphics.Skia.Layers] (P)Vertices(Experimental)

Hello - How to deal with this Topic?

There is a ProcessNode Vertices(Experimental) it has two Inputs named Vertices (Seqeuence)
One is for the Positions of the Points from the Vertices
The other one is for the Position of the Points from the TextureCoordinate similar UVCoordinates

So, I cannot use it but I also cannot simple edit it - possible but I think not necessary

it works for me to rename the second Input to TextureUVCoordinates but I have to start VVVV with “–editable-packages VL.Skia” or make my own node but to many additional *.dll’s necessary
The Texturing of the Vertices works after this edit without any problem

i think would be nice to change it for all users - so how to handle this?

Write an issues?

Clone it edit it and make a pull request?

Greets CeeYaa

thanks for the report. fixed for upcoming. it is always enough to post things like this here. no need to also open an issue.