I continue making some noise here
so this is a sneek peek about another noise library im working on , definitely more advance and works at better performance than VL.fastnoise.
SharpNoise is a net wrapper of libnoise, a very famous library for generating landscapes and procedural textures.
By the moment i wrap the most of the nodes, there are many types of and combiners and modifiers to create amazing results.

The method to draw the image is quite different than fastnoise, so im dealing with it, by the moment i get nice results but still need to improve, so thats why i still wont release it, but hopefully soon.
Also there is a method to create little maps and make them tileable to create a huge texture map for landscape or planets.
These are some basic examples created in gamma so you can see the possibilities.


So get ready to make more noise soon, will keep updated.


Some updates about the development…
By the moment all noise modules are ported , Modules are used to generate and combine each other in a modular way to create very complex noisemaps.
also i include some nodes to create coherent noise with values that are in the library.

Three major features from the library i develop and are working actually are :

SphereMap Generation, to create equirectangular maps:.


Light Module to give detail to the texture. Can you see the difference? :) :


And one that i really like.
Create custom Gradient based on noise value :


Sooo.everything looks fancy enough to continue develop the thing,
Next step is creating a node for render , to optimize performance, cos this library is cpu intense, although i can manage in realtime textures of 512x512, for bigger resolutions im implementing a preview node so you can easily adjust setting and then save.
But as a newbie in vl , any help would be really appreciatte to improve the performance,
light is very heavy on cpu, and some modifiers too, so anyone who would like to test or collaborate please tell me,
Happy noisy days for all!


I’m not best placed to help with the optimisation but I just wanted to say this is amazing!

So Here we are, after a busy month, im glad to Pre-Release a functional version of VL.Sharpnoise. hooray! Still changes to come and examples

Install :

  • nuget install VL.SharpNoise -pre

SharpNoise is a port of Jason Bevins’ libNoise to C#.

Libnoise is a portable C++ library from the 2000´s , an old relic of noise programming that runs in the CPU
Is used to generate coherent noise, a type of smoothly-changing noise. Coherent noise is often used by graphics programmers to generate natural-looking textures, planetary terrain, and other things.

This port to Gamma brings the old libray to a new vision, using gamma techniques that allows to edit Noise maps in realtime. For High resolution maps there are few techniques that reduce the CPU load bringing the possibility of export in very short times, and manipulate them.

The possibilities are endless, procedural textures of all types,
Just limited by your CPU, or your imagination.

Although Libnoise wasnt created for realtime, i achieved a good workflow to demand the needs of today.
i include a set of procedural examples so you can see the power of noise node workflow.
There are more to come…
Enjoy, share, and report.
Lets make some Noiseeee