VL.SCSynth | vvvv <-> SuperCollider

Hello people,

I hope that this will be interesting for most of you who are looking into procedural audio and alternative ways towards audio synthesis and sound processing.

The goal was to simplify the way one usually communicates with SuperCollider’s server and introduces synths (instances) deriving from compiled synthdefs. This now turns feasible by introducing a node factory responsible to create synth nodes out of a synthdef descritpion (scsyndef file).


You can clone the VL.SCSynth repo from here and definitely take a look on the examples (need to add more and polish the current ones).

Batteries are not included, so you will need first to install Supercollider (>=3.11), this will give access to SuperCollider Server (scsynth) as well as the way to write, compile and export your synthdefs.
Last thing you do is to create a “synthdefs” folder next to your vl patch and populate it with your compiled synthdefs (*.scsyndef), rest is up to you.

DISCLAIMER: VL.SCSynth is under development and it has only some basic functionalities, enough to be used for bigger projects but always be aware for breaking changes and sudden updates.

At this point I would like to thank @chk and 3e8 studio for their sponsoring and valuable contribution by revising, commenting and bouncing off ideas in order to improve this effort and make SC accessible through vvvv. And of course the devvvvs for their constant support and presence through the forum and Element chat.

Feel free to test, propose, comment and support it by any mean.