VL patches copied from another repo don't work in vvvv

Hi, i copied VL file from another repository, but when i add it to my vvvv patch it doesn’t show pins or nodes.
When i open it in original place everything seems in order.
The only way to make it work so far is to create new vl doc, and copy paste everything over ;/

TTY.log (1.1 KB)

It’s complaining about not bei able to load OpenCVSharp. Did you install VL.OpenCV as well?

Yes, maybe it’s due to fact it stored references from a previous location
Basically what i did is, I went to C:\Users\antokhio\AppData\Local\vvvv\beta_x64\nugets\VL.OpenCV.2.0.5-preview\vvvv\girlpower\CalibrateAndReproject

then copied VL file to another location then drag and dropped it to new patch
but then i try to open is with different vvvv versions like alpha and betta and it started to work on it’s own hmm

Same shit another patch b40 ok, b41 no inputs

Does deleting the .vl folders help? In any case would be nice if we find a way to reproduce it. Any chance you can share some patch?

Ok seems not reproducible, works on another machine (

Wonder if it might be related to vc_redist 2019? I think this machine might not had it, but i noticed it’s one of the stride dependencies, not sure about b41 and vl

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