[VL] Patch Window freezes

I can reproduce this in my little setup.

As soon as I create an Operations node in another Operations node, the vl gui freezes.
I get two exceptions (in a very awkward exception dialog, btw. copypaste is a pain)

when I click continue, the gui is completely unresponsive, after a few seconds the next exception hits.
Cannot delete the faulty node, or have any other way of recovery except killing vvvv process.

Use this to reproduce:
zeromq.zip (99.9 KB)

Using beta35.8 and alpha35.8 alongside, I suspect a probable cause.

In the official node17 release, such a problem cannot occur, because placing an operation into an operation would probably fail gracefully, and complaining with “Recursion not allowed yet”.

Only the alpha (to my understanding an unmerged branch) allows dll import, but misses some of the safeguarding the master branch already has included.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

And please allow such constructs, using other member operations or utility operations within the same scope is a no-brainer. If you are afraid of recursion (good call before we have a node stepper in vl), check for circular references, but don’t restrict all calls just on suspicion.

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thanks, tracked

Thank you for the report velcrome. The crash should not occur anymore and using other operations defined in the same patch should work now as long as they’re not recursive. I’ve added a stripped down version of your patch to the tests making use of that kind of code structuring / call hierarchy.

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This is great to hear. Glad that report helped you

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