VL Patch not loading correctly when set as startup file

When attempting to open a VL patch using a batch file, the patch does not load correctly and displays errors. However, when the same patch is opened after VVVV has already been started and opened via the file menu, it loads and functions properly.

Steps to Reproduce:

Set a VL patch as the startup file in a batch file.
Start VVVV using the .bat.
Observe the patch not loading correctly and displaying errors.

There seems to be a problem with circular dependencies not resolved correctly.


Open the same patch via the file menu.
Observe the patch loading and functioning properly.

This should obviously be exactly the same. Please check.

Version: 2022.5.0 preview-0485 (please make version copyable in the about menu in gamma)

disclaimer: some of this was written by ChatGPT :D

I think you’ll need to provide a patch that shows this behaviour.

Not so easy with our big project. But you can just pull ;)

I would expect the vvvv team to double-check if both cases call exactly the same code path.

This is how we try to call our patch in the .bat file:

start vvvv-binaries\vvvv_gamma\vvvv.exe --package-repositories "%~dp0/PackageDir1;%~dp0/PackageDir2" -o "%~dp0/path-to-patch.vl"

Hence the need for a demo patch.