VL - Pan / Move region lag

As said in the title,

Panning in a VL patch, or moving around a region makes rendering very laggy.


they said its still in the main thread

that is true for the VL integration, the UI and the Update call run in the vvvv main thread.

Yeah guessed that, but still it’s really slow (like panning in a simple VL subpatch drops to 1 fps …)

Ok tried on last version, now it’s even worse, basically panning most times freezes the renderer instead of just been “laggy”.

Moving a selection does the same (freeze). Multi select is also really inconsistent, but let’s keep that for other post).

Opening node list (just having it open), drops fps to 30

Just moving mouse around node list drops framerate to about 3-4 fps.

Just selecting an empty space or click (popping this really annoying context menu, please change that to right click, also other post), drops fps a lot too.

I only speak of simple VL patch with less than 5 nodes here.

So main thread is totally more than capable of rendering 10 boxes, 2 lines of text and 5 lines without dropping framerate THAT significantly.

Gets me quite worried considering that even on just small patches we already have this behaviour, so what is it gonna be on a “mid-size” project (1000 nodes, multiple patch windows…)

Ok considering it’s been 6 months and there has been no reply, no improvement in releases, guess there’s 0 interest into that topic, so never gonna be fixed I suppose, nevermind.

i can understand that it’s annoying to have renderer lags and not getting an answer. s’il vous plaît nous excuser.

but selecting your answer as solution to this thread seems to be a bit prematurely. first of all we do not have an official release yet, it’s an alpha test phase. second we are of course aware of this but it depends on changes deeper under the hood that have to be done first. and that’s what we are doing (besides many other things)…

Would really prefer solutions to be marked stack overflow style (eg: author to decide what’s a solution or not), but let’s keep that as off topic.

So far there’s been no replies (as per 99% or any ui related threads anyway, why users still waste their time on it) and 0 improvement, so I stand by my answer and consider that “never gonna happen”.

If you want to prove me wrong please stop unflagging my answer post and show real strive into that topic (eg: do something about it and prove a point, I’ll hapilly mark yours as solution instead once something is done).


I’ve found the progress slow and a bit frustrating too but it has been made clear that they going to change the gui at a later stage. There are a lot of things they would like them to get to on the subject, but I’m prepared to live with it for now if they finally release the dll import tool.

@vux, is Textlayout(advanced)spreadable yet? I assume you’ll get to it have already fixed it and will put it into an update with other fixes, probably, despite your silence ;-)

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From the download page:

So before to try to tease try to learn to read instructions (and get yourself a user name) ;)

Also note that it’s completely open source, so you are more than welcome to contribute and help ;)

Also note that I don’t make any money from it (so yes I have to do projects for food) ;)

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