VL.OpenCV - Calibration Camera

I am trying to calibrate my camera using the help patch “how to calibrate a camera” (in vvvv gamma 2020.3.0-0093-g0962957380 preview) but there are problems. It can found the chessboard but then the problems begin. Neither the simple AND seems to work properly inside this patch. Has anyone had the same problem? I am grateful if you can direct me to a solution.
I hope the image is explanatory. Thanks

Hi @enzodan, my apologies, this has been fixed but not yet released. I should be releasing very soon but in the mean time the problem region should look like this:


If you feel comfortable with git and code, give the project’s Stride branch a try.


@enzodan this is now fixed as of version 1.2.0 which is available as a nuget.

Please test and report.

@ravazquez I just did a quick test with 1.2.0 version of OpenCV using vvvv_gamma_2020.3.0-0120… CalibrateCamera works like a charm.


Yeah! It works! and it works fine!
Thanks for the great job!

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