VL nodes are AutoEvaluating?



so if I want to turn them off I need to put them in a patch?
this is what I’m speaking about:

also I have a performer node which supposed to turn off upstream nodes with AutoValidate = false and Sync

when I turn off evaluation the Integral node turns off properly but ArcLength is still evaluating

Is this a bug or is this by design?
BTW can we have Evaluate pin on all nodes not just patches?

Evaluate pin
VL - Controll output from VL patch / Evaluate Vl patch

Hello great owner of the golden quad,

this is a design decision + missing feature to configure the vvvv node attributes… AutoEvaluate is with the other attributes like pin settings on our list.

For now only workarounds can help you there…


hehehe :)
I see, subpatch it is then.


as of beta36 there is now an “Evaluate” input available via the Inspektor on every node, including vl nodes.

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