VL node browser sroll behaviour

i dunno if its the right time to ask ui-questions, but anyway it is annoying so i will post it…

as a user i shouldnt be able to scroll the nodelist upwards if there are no nodes upwards

while scrolling most of the remaining nodes should always be visible (no scrolling till nearly blank screen(i see what you did there “scrolling till last node is on most bottom position”, but this should be more like “scrolling upwards till the first node is on 1st visible position and scrolling downwards till last node is on last visible position”), no magic - standart scrolling list - behaviours)

if you say, “sorry, yeah it is on our list, but 1st please test the pure function of selecting”, then - ok - i will be patient…

but please keep in mind, that we often have to patch interactive elements and imo our toolset to do this(v4 or vl), should at least have basic interactive design rules implemented.

thank you

another one:

if the nodelists contains more nodes than currently visible
please hint the list as “scrollable” (like bars or arrows or sth)

thank you

Shouldn’t it be node browser in the headline?

yeah you are right, damn my fault

we are absolutely aware of that. the drawback you experience is a result of our multi-platform efforts. in order to be able to port the patch editor UI (not the windowng/tabs stuff) to other platforms we cannot use the native operation system provided widgets which implement all the UI logic you are used to.

our graphics interface is super slim which means we have to code all the logic ourselves. in this case its not finished at all and its very likely that the node browser will look quite different in an upcoming design iteration. so not much effort is going into it right now, it does its job for the moment…