VL.IO.OSC help patches reference "Obsolete" nuget


Easy one here: it’s been a few releases (including latest 2021.4.9 preview-0961) that I noticed that the VL.IO.OSC help patches reference a “VL.IO.OSC Obsolete” nuget, which results in all OSC nodes being red and a console popping up with errors.
All back to normal when adding back the “standard” VL.IO.OSC nuget.

Would be good to fix to not scare out beginners :)

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Also just noticed that the patch used the old “Join / Tuple” nodes rather than the new “Tuple / Create”; might be worth updating as well so the snippets are up-to-date?

hey TremensS, it looks like you’re somehow using a very outdated version of the OSC pack there. the one that ships with latest stables is 1.0.13 and it doesn’t show those issues.

could it be that you have a local version of the OSC repo checked out which is not updated? note that when you start vvvv with --package-repositories vvvv chooses source repos over the stable ones shipping. this is a feature for libraries developers. so if you don’t develop on the OSC repo, simply remove it.

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Hey Joreg,

I’m not playing with --package-repositories or do anything fancy.

Though I do see a VL.IO.OSC.2020.3.100-alpha nuget in my AppData/…/nugets folder.
Could it be a very old OSC nuget I had downloaded back in the days and that keeps taking priority?
But from what I understand of your message this should only happen if I use the --package-repositories flag, no?
Anyway removing the folder fixes it, the help patches are now all good and obviously a more recent version. But still strange that my old alpha nuget was taking the lead, isn’t it?

ok, so this is a rare case where you manually downloaded a preview of the pack that is now obsolete. since those old packs had a higher number they take precedence. glad we solved it.

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