VL.IO.Net.Email how to authenticate

I’m trying to get this nuget working but I get authentication issues when I try and send a mail, tried gmail and my website email servers.
From Gmail help I get the following, but those settings don’t seem to exist anymore. So how can I get this working?

If 2SV is not enabled, you must enable access for less secure apps: sign into the Gmail account using a web browser at https://mail.google.com, then go to All Settings > Accounts and Import > Other Google Account settings. Under Security, scroll down and enable access for less secure apps. This setting is required to enable SMTP, POP or IMAP access. NB: Even if you have checked this before, check it now because Google disables this access if it is not in regular use. Using the 2SV solution will stop this being a problem when you use this device only occasionally.

I have got this working with my web server mail now, but not gmail. I can live with that I guess