I’ve started work on a Mastodon library for vl using Mastonet.

Mastodon can be seen as a twitter-clone with the benefit of being opensource and decentralized and federating via the ActivityPub protocol, which is an official W3C standard. This means anyone can run their own instance and still follow each other. Even better: different services (not only Mastodon) implement ActivityPub and they can all federate. See some listed here: ActivityPub Rocks! This also means that you can use this library to follow not only accounts on mastodon but also, e.g. on peertube or pixelfed. Welcome to the future in the making…

I got the basics working and it looks like this to follow the public stream of your instance:

Obviously it can also post, uploadimage, search… But still have to find some time to put this in a useable initial relase.

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status update:


moments later, this is now available as a fresh nuget: VL.IO.Mastonet and tested (not too extensively yet) to work with Mastodon and Pixelfed!