VL interface and information density

And a note about the VL interface and information density

I understand that for structural precision and readability you decided that it is necessary to create an iobox/pad for each value that the user defines. Yet, when I look at the space this consumes, and when I compare that to the amount of information and settings that are held in a vvvv patch, VL seems bloated. I would be afraid, that the magnitude of information that you need to put into a big project would be very inconvenient to handle and cluttered in VL. Plus the extra times / clicks it takes to create all of these IO boxes. So this is a strong vote for something like implicit IOboxes or Pins that can hold values also for VL. Maybe something that is docked to the actual node, so the structural difference is still noticeable?


absolutely. it is planned to have it work like in vvvv + an indicator that shows whether a manually set value differs from its default.

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moments later:

yours to test in latest alphas. please report your findings…


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