VL - Input-Pins

heyho, this is a new one, introduced on 7. i guess.

must have something todo with the data from v4 not arriving in vl. in the beginning, the error highlights the separator string. once disconnected it travels towards input pin

thanks, tracked.

Without having your patch at hand, are you sure that the spread from “needs insert” has indeed as many slices as requested by each of your IDsPerLine?
If so, then I guess you’ll have to send us your patch so we can investigate further and even cut a test case out of it so it won’t happen anymore in future updates.

hm, sorry i cannot reproduce now. but iirc when that happened, all input pins of this patch have been nulled (though they were connected upstream).
maybe that helps a bit

i now replaced all the GetItems with GetSlices and the problem is gone.

it looked like a recursive error:
the pins have been null in the first frame, so this error occurs. then the node didn’t compute anymore and the pins didn’t get filled with values. and so on.

the moment i replaced the last GetItem with a GetSlice, suddenly all input-pins swapped from null to some values.

again… this is latest alpha and after some investigation i discovered a subtle error:

the funny thing is, once i create this region-pad ‘IV’ (how’s that named again?) everything behaves as expected:

Well I guess you see Count = 0 because the ForEach had nothing to iterate over - indeed there’s room for improvement on the IO boxes to see whether they got fed with a new value or if they still show you their default.

nono, this is the exact same patch. i just made this ‘IV’ pad between the screenshots

Hm, would it be possible to send me that patch?

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