hello all,

Needed a VL plugin to write stuff in an InfluxDB database, so here it is if someone ever needs it :

nuget install VL.InfluxDB

Note that it only supports writing (it’s actually a wrapper around the InfluxDB.WriteOnly lib). It also comes with a small help patch that shows how to write a measurement to a db (available in the help browser).




Thanks, I found an interesting read as to why use something like InfluxDB over the numerous other databases.

I would surmise this by saying that this database focuses on time-series-data, so if you need to work with the collection of data quickly overtime, (they point ot IOT streams and stock market data, but could of courses mean show controls and frame-based information), writing and accessing that info is faster and easier with this database.

Did not think about show control purposes for that, that’s a good point! That would imply being able to red from the DB, though.

I ended up using that one because I needed a quick solution to push measurements, and all the libs I found that do read/write were somehow hard to implement in VL.

We’re planning to use it to monitor metrics from computers on an installation over time (hello HardwareMonitor) and display them in Grafana.

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we use influx for installation health monitoring and usage statistics. great stuff

I have a influx server running on a raspi, no username/password
And I am not able to send data, not sure how to debug this

hey andres,

just guessing from your screenshot, did you set the DB name in the WriteAsync node? i re-tested the plugin this morning and actually forgot to set this one myself, I left the default from the help patch :) guess I should make this more obvious.

never tried an InfluxDB with no username and password on my end, will see if I can give it a shot today.


you were 100% correct! There is no nodes to do a querry atm right?

cool :) i’ll push a new version with an updated help patch.

and no, right now it cannot do queries.