VL - Identifier names, operation naming more picky than fields and pins

Field and pin names seem to accept a wider range of characters than when creating a new operation.

For example ‘å’, ‘ä’, ‘ä’, ‘_’, ‘?’ seem to work fine for fields and inputs/outputs but if you put any of them in when creating a new operation and then press Enter no new operation will be created.

I like it the way that fields and pins are more permissive and would like operations to be the same so I could for example name testing operations returning a boolean with a ‘?’ at the end instead of using “do” or “is” prefixes.

Would be nice to have consistent naming rules and knowing what they are.

‘å’, ‘ä’, ‘ä’, ‘_’, ‘?’ are not allowed, this is a bug in the NodeBroweser, it is not checking the input.

in general we allow the following characters, not stating with a number: a-z A-Z 0-9 + - * = ~ < >

pads also allow spaces, for categories dots are allowed.

this is now fixed, also the regex is now culture invariant. thanks for finding this bug. see also: