VL.G3 aka Geometry3Sharp

hi all,

after watching @elias 's node tutorial I started creating a wrapper for sharp3geometry. This is how far I came using the gradient space tutorials. I got stuck mostly because I did not find extensive documentation.

some basic mesh and sdf generators are working, sdf functions, reducer, remesher…maybe sb is interested in joining or picking this up?


Hey, we also started to import the lib here: https://github.com/vvvv/VL.Geometry3

Maybe the efforts should be combined…

I did a search in the vvvv repo before I started but could not find anything. maybe the repo is still private? I get a 404 from your link.

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anyway, the first obvious thing, you should start a repo with a .gitignore file. you did push all the build output and local visual studio files… the “Visual Studio” gitignore is a good starting point, when you create the repo on GitHub.

now it is a bit tricky to get rid of the files… the easiest way is to delete all files, make a commit, then add the .gitignore and add the files back again… or just create the repo again with proper initial settings.

thx for pointing that out! I could have provided a cleaner starting point, but I wanted to check first if anyone is interested.

thb I am a little disgruntled, because I made sure to check first if there was an ongoing project on geometry3sharp, and now I believe I did redundant work.

I am interested in collaborating, so please make a suggestion on how to proceed.

Hey @schlonzo I am actually starting to work on the mesh generators section of this. What are you looking into?

no dependencies here at work installed…

is there more documentation than those gradientspace tutorials?
idk how to proceed without more codelines.

is this whole thing about who owns the git? usually i don’t play github.

I have not found additional documentation or examples sadly, which would make a huge difference.

Your work seems quite advanced already, great stuff!

I’ve been mostly extending Joreg’s work, mocking up the geometry generator nodes, but they will need to be ported to C# in order to better integrate normals and a few other things with Stride.

I think it would be well worth checking what you’ve done and trying to integrate it into the library.

As for the git stuff, yes, it’s all github these days, but if you don’t want to deal with that we can find another way.

In any case, let me make a bit more progress and get back to you, I think maybe you can just send over your VL document and I can try to merge whatever you have that we don’t into the general git repo.

Speak soon…


@schlonzo I just found these demos, not a whole lot but it can come in handy if you had not seen them: GitHub - gradientspace/geometry3SharpDemos: Sample code for geometry3Sharp library

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