VL.FUSE Can I write a custom camera?

Can I write a custom camera and “material” using all SDF things?
Will I have to change the “RayMarch” node for this or is there another way?


Doesn’t seem too difficult
But it is interesting that there are functions that Internal. And, it turns out that if you write your own raymarching, you should avoid things like “setupByCamera” from fuse internals

Hey sorry for late reply.

Basically there are a few functions around as you discovered, but please keep in mind that the raymarching setup will undergo a major rework before 1.0. So while I encourage experiments like that do understand that it will work differently soon. Will be well worth it- the stuff that’s there atm was made very early in development before we had a lot of low level features made. There will still be the same high level nodes have now, but also possibility for modular setup with good stuff like preset & custom cams, projection, marching methods etc

Btw there is a Fuse section in the forums now :)

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@everyoneishappy its big pleasure to discover your research. Some things seem like very clever ideas. The shader factory is a modern solution

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